Server Update!![7th June 2019]

This time, We did MAP wipe, Blueprint wipe, Backpack wipe, Titles wipe.


レベル制の調整-Adjustment of level system-

I heard that it was difficult for you to go up the level.
So, I adjusted the acquisition rate of EXP.

物資の獲得倍率の変更-Change getting resources multiplier-

With the introduction of the level system, the amount of regular resource acquisition has been changed to 1x.

Changed the acquisition rate from the quarry 5x.

PvPエリアの試験的な実装-Experimental implementation of PvP area-

The lower left island of MAP (see the image below) was implemented as a PvP area on a trial basis.


  • このエリア内で起きたいかなる損害も、管理組は一切の責任を負いかねます。
  • 管理組はこのエリア内において起こった問題について、チート行為を除き基本的に対応しません。
  • このエリアのみ拠点抜き、PK等々が可能です。
  • 建物に重力の概念はありません(土台を崩しても壁は崩れません)。
  • PvPに興味がない方はこのエリアに近づかないようにしてください。
  • 球体を越えて攻撃をすることはできません(ダメージは入りません)。
  • 建築等々は自由に行っていただいて構いません。

Please note the following.

  • The administrator is not responsible for any problems that occur in the PVP area.
  • The administrator basically responds only to cheating.
  • Only in this area, it is possible to raid and PK.
  • There is no concept of gravity in the building (the wall does not collapse even if the base is broken).
  • If you are not interested in PvP please keep away from this area.
  • You can not attack beyond the sphere.
  • You are free to do construction etc.