A Plugin was Deleted :(

12月 9, 2018

The plugin that limits the number of cupboards that one person who was introducing from December’s update can install is removed from the server on 9th December 2018 due to the following reasons.

  • プラグインが正常に動作しない。-Plugin does not work properly.-
  • プログラムを書き換えたが、正常に機能しない。-I rewrote the program but it does not work properly.-

I searched for a similar plug-in, but I could not find it.

I also thought about making my own, but with my current knowledge amount it is a bit difficult.

Therefore, there are no restrictions on building now.

I reviewed whether to introduce the plug-in I had installed at the last MAP, but considering who is already building, I decided not to restrict building until the next wipe.

By eliminating the building restrictions, it is conceivable that the server load becomes large and the operation becomes unstable.

Therefore, please understand that server may restart frequently.